RTS at the FPS scale

Inspired by Age of Empire and Battlefield, Hell of Men is a small-scale real-time strategy game. The player controls a faction in the event of a future conflict, close to World War III. This conflict propels the player at the head of the NATO forces (Poland / Germany / French) or RU (Russia / Belarus).

Hell of Men's specificities

- A maximum population of 40 units.

- A new way to manage vehicles: capture strategic points to access them and assign soldiers to them.

- A cover system to protect your infantry units. A placement error can cause you to lose the advantage.

- A dynamic resource collection, your technicians will recover ammunition and equipment. The generators will supply the energy and the canteens will produce the food.

- A wide range of buildings and units.

It's up to you to decide

5 Faction: Poland, Russia, Germany, France and Belarus.

14 types of buildings, 6 types of vehicles, 18 types of units, 12 skins.

Campaign: 5 missions.

Follow the adventure of Iwan and Stefan, two brothers immersed in a conflict in Belarus between NATO and Russian forces.

Scenarized skirmish: 20 missions.

Play NATO: This mode is composed of 9 missions.

Play Russian Army: This mode is composed of 9 missions.

Event: 2 special skirmishes.

Classic skirmish:  13 maps.

Choose your faction, your enemy, your map and fight!

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